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Welcome to the art section of our website. Here you can peruse examples of the different visual aspects of the film as it progresses. Please choose one of the following galleries to visit:

Concept Art: Conceptual artwork is art created to define the look of specific characters and the film as a whole. Art in this section is done in many varieties of styles. To see what the final versions of the characters look like, please go to the Story or Production Art sections. This section will have fewer updates now that we've moved into production.

Production Art: This section contains art actually used in the production of the film. Items such as model sheets, layouts, backgrounds, and production stills can be found here--but don't expect us to give too much away!

Storyboards: This section contains draft samples of our storyboards, which act as a visual script to help guide the animators and solidify the story before the animation process begins. The storyboards here have had their text notes removed.

Animation: From time to time we post animation tests and completed shots on our YouTube channel.