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Contest Winners

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The song contest winners have been choosen! Here is a listing of the winners with their song title (Grand Prize winner, then random order)

Grand Prize winner:
Ekaterina Gusarova - "My Distant Brother"

Other winners:
Mary Bruhand and Varg Tompowsky - "Father-Daughter Love"
Christian Bustnes - "Walk Among Leaves"
Kenneth Barnes - "Freinds"
Kenneth Barnes - "Strive"
Justin Herndon - "Luna's Lullaby"
Andrew Stein - "You are Everywhere"
Kaitilyn Hutchinson - "On My Way"
James Sullivan - "Peace for the Future"
Kendall Rutherford - "Stand Tall"
Amanda Curry - "Taking the Right Path"

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks for everyone who submitted and entry.

In relation to the song contest...We need singers! Male and female voices are needed to record the song contest winning entries. So, if you can sing, please send a sample of your talent to Singers choosen must have access to recording equipment, as the songs will be recorded at their location. Just as every role here, this is volunteer and singers will be given screen and cd credit.