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Wolf Conservation Center, Fan CD

I'd like to update everyone on a few things that have been happening. Some members of the Wolf staff were invited to visit the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. There we were able to draw and photograph one of the resident wolf packs. It was a truly wonderful and educational experience.

We are still working on getting the fan CD out. We have the wonderful opportunity of working with Louis Lamp (www. who will be writing some of the music to the lyrics already chosen. We also have many very talented singers ready to record them. I still do not have a release date at this time, but I will try and keep information posted.

This Holiday Season there will also be many new items available in our cafepress store and through the website. Staff are working on creating these new and unique items, so please check back and I will update again upon their release. As always, 100% of the profits made form these items will go directly to helping fund the making of Wolf.

On the production, we are still working diligently on animation and will hopefully have something to post for you all to enjoy soon. I have uploaded a couple of layout designs, model sheets and elk walk cycles. They are under Production art and animation sections, respectively.

More to come soon!