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January 2010

We are reopening apps for Ink and color. If you're interested please read all the information on the Contribute and Positions pages.

As always, we continue to need animators. Information is on the pages mentioned above.

January 2010

Indigo in a bit of a panic.

This is only half a shot -- the other layer involved was extremely confusing out of context, but I was happy enough with the Indigo animation, and pups are what you folks want, so this shot it was!

October 2009

Need something to do in those long dark November days? Join the Wolf Animation Challenge and brush up on your animation skills. Like NaNoWriMo, the Challenge is a 30 day creative sprint, but instead of writing, you'll be animating.

Learn more about the Wolf Animation Challenge.

August 2009

The Wolf staffers are blogging! Get insight on what it takes to make an independent film and keep up on the latest Wolf news through the forum, our RSS feed, Facebook, or Twitter.

June 2009

The staff of Wolf have decided to change the looks of the characters Lizzie and Bernard. The new designs are featured on the characters page. The new looks may take some getting used to, but we believe in the new designs and hope that you, our audience will love them as well. They will be the same lovable characters, just in a different package.

Read more about the change on the forum.

December 2008

The scene 2 rough cut is now available on YouTube.

Scene 2 was all about refining our processes, choosing equipment, and defining methods. Want to learn about what came out of this process? Visit the Wolf forum.

November 2008

Wolf wallpapers are now available! Visit our Downloads page to download wallpaper.

October 2008

We need animators!

Animation, by its very nature, takes time, but like many things, more hands make for short work! If you, or someone you know has been contemplating joining the project, now is the time to do so. For now we need people confident in their work, and able to donate enough time to the project to help move it along. Right now our active animators are churning out animation at a crazy pace, but because there are so few of us, progress is slow. If you're curious about how much time one animator can shave off our release date, check out this forum thread.

Take time to visit the Contribute page to learn more about becoming an animator for Wolf.

October 2008

Wolf Fanart Club reopens! Visit us at

October 2007

We have a new email for applications. Please no longer send applications or mails to Direct your applications to!

Thank you!

October 2006

Wolf is in need of sponsors. Please check the link below, on the main page.

Also, regarding emails--Please be sure that when you send an email to or that you use a recognizable subject line. I have recently started receiving a lot of spam to those boxes and I would hate to miss anyone's email. Generally, putting the words Wolf, or application in the title will catch my attention. Bad things to use as your subject are simple words like "Hello!". Thank you!

August 2006

Wolf: Art and Design is now available for purchase. This book contains information on our character design process and lots of pictures.

There are also new designs in the cafepress shop, with more coming soon.

June 2006

Well, Anthrocon is over and Wolf was a big hit. People loved the animation that we presented and that is available for viewing from the "story" section.

For sales, I am very pleased to say that we raised just over $200! I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who purchased something from our booth. We also received some wonderful advice about how we might be able to enter a film festival next year (before the full film will be completed), we were invited to showcase the project at Eurofurence, and might be able to work out a tighter connection with Anthrocon, possibly showing our premier of the film there.

All the positive feedback we received just proves that this project is truly appreciated and we will continue to work our hardest in this, and all following years.

April 2006

Silver Sky Studio will be at Anthrocon 2006, in Pittsburg, PA, June 15-17. Wolf will have a showcase at our table featuring new items for sale and a visual update on our progress. Please stop by our table and see what we've done!

 The website has been updated with some new art, additional credits, and updated positions listing.

A lot of you have asked about our progress. We are currently in the middle of animation and we are working very hard. The snippets you see in the animation section are just a fraction of the work we have done. Of course, the more help we have, the more we can get done, so please, if you can help, send in an app. Also, I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting new images for the cafepress store. We have been working on new images, creating a specialized team just to work on those items. I do promise that it is on our agenda and we plan to get it available for you as soon as we can.

We have a new Role Playing forum, check it out if you like to rp:

Thank you for all of your continuing support!

November 2005

I'd like to update everyone on a few things that have been happening. Some members of the Wolf staff were invited to visit the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. There we were able to draw and photograph one of the resident wolf packs. It was a truly wonderful and educational experience.

We are still working on getting the fan CD out. We have the wonderful opportunity of working with Louis Lamp (www. who will be writing some of the music to the lyrics already chosen. We also have many very talented singers ready to record them. I still do not have a release date at this time, but I will try and keep information posted.

This Holiday Season there will also be many new items available in our cafepress store and through the website. Staff are working on creating these new and unique items, so please check back and I will update again upon their release. As always, 100% of the profits made form these items will go directly to helping fund the making of Wolf.

On the production, we are still working diligently on animation and will hopefully have something to post for you all to enjoy soon. I have uploaded a couple of layout designs, model sheets and elk walk cycles. They are under Production art and animation sections, respectively.

More to come soon!

July 2005

I put up a page with some of the info that was shared at Anthrocon as well as the "trailer". The site neds a few more updates which I will make as quickly as I can. All the character designs are now officially completed.

June 2005

Wolf will be at Anthrocon! I, and a few of the staff artists will be attending anthrocon 2005 ( Please stop by our table, Silver Sky Studio, and take a peek at our new teaser trailer and information.

May 2005

The song contest winners have been choosen! Here is a listing of the winners with their song title (Grand Prize winner, then random order)

Grand Prize winner:
Ekaterina Gusarova - "My Distant Brother"

Other winners:
Mary Bruhand and Varg Tompowsky - "Father-Daughter Love"
Christian Bustnes - "Walk Among Leaves"
Kenneth Barnes - "Freinds"
Kenneth Barnes - "Strive"
Justin Herndon - "Luna's Lullaby"
Andrew Stein - "You are Everywhere"
Kaitilyn Hutchinson - "On My Way"
James Sullivan - "Peace for the Future"
Kendall Rutherford - "Stand Tall"
Amanda Curry - "Taking the Right Path"

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks for everyone who submitted and entry.

In relation to the song contest...We need singers! Male and female voices are needed to record the song contest winning entries. So, if you can sing, please send a sample of your talent to Singers choosen must have access to recording equipment, as the songs will be recorded at their location. Just as every role here, this is volunteer and singers will be given screen and cd credit.

May 2005

As you can see, Wolf has a new website design. I hope that this new layout provides a cleaner, easier to use format. Some sections are still being updated. Please give us about a week to really get everything in order. Thank you! -Audrey Walker